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From The Mountainous Highlands Of Santiago, To The Picturesque Lake Atitan With Its Surrounding Volcanoes; Guatemala Is Filled With Female Co-Ops Drawing On Time-Honored Techniques And Traditions. With A Nod From The Mayan Goddess Of The Moon And Patron Of Weaving Ix Chel, Textiles Take On A Mystical Connection And Pathway To Female Empowerment Within Maya Culture. Back Strap And Foot Pedal Looms Create Fabrics From Organic Cottons And Natural Dyes With A Distinctive Personality Unique To Each Region Of The Country. A Hallmark Of These Talented Weavers Is Colorful Nuance And Subtle Variations Created From Generational Repetition Rather Than Set Patterns. Imagine Home Is Honored To Bring You A Slice Of Guatemalan Heritage.

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